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Buy Your Home

As real estate advisors, we assist buyer’s in finding the best home within their price range through planning, educating, and offering guidance to help make the best decision in the home buying process.

Our planning involves:
- Performing a database search of homes based on the buyer’s price range, interest, and desired location
- Researching the property area to obtain information on the types of neighborhood/community, businesses, housing trends, and local school systems.
- Narrowing down to a list of properties that fit the buyer’s interest and arranging an in-person showing or virtual tour showing of the specific homes

Our educating involves:

- Understanding the re-sale value of your home for the future
- Learning the complexities of credit scoring, budgeting finances, conservatives of utilities
- Knowing the purpose and benefits of having a home inspection and appraisal performed

Our guidance involves:

- Assisting through the closing process and preparation of all documents to complete transactions

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Sell Your Home

As real estate advisors, we work with a team of experts that will assist sellers in negotiating the best deal when selling their home for the most money in a reasonable amount of time.

Our services include:
Providing online presence through Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
Delivering strategies to market a home to an extensive network of buyers and agents
Performing a Comparative Market Analysis and educating on the real estate trends in your area and your home.
Assisting with plans to set a timeline for selling your home
Offering guidance with negotiating of contract and close

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Investment Properties

As real estate investors, we work with a team of investors to find affordable properties and advise on property market trends to help the buyer make the right investment choice and decision.

Our services include:
- Identifying the financial goals for the property
- Researching neighborhoods and using the comparative market analysis to compare various properties and determine their profit potential
- Advising on different sources of investment leads
- Assisting with connections to investors that are well-versed in the community

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