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First time we realized we had a mutual interest in viewing homes was back in the spring of 2012, when we first met. We were on a date and decided to go look at new home constructions. Little did we know we would share the same interest and goals in owning and investing in real estate property. This interest soon developed into a weekend hobby. Every weekend we made plans to view and tour different properties all over the city and sub-urban areas of North and South Atlanta.

After marriage in 2014, we began to develop additional interest in understanding the housing market and how to invest and own multiple properties. We went to home buying sessions and later put our love of home shopping as well as knowledge and interactions with realtor experts to help educate and find homes for family and friends both in and out of state. It has brought us great joy to know we have helped meet the needs and desirers of our love ones , reducing the stress of home buying and allowing their experience to be an exciting one. We want to extend this same commitment to you. Let us help you find the perfect place you can call home.

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We assist buyer's in finding the best home within their price range through planning, educating, and offering guidance to help make the best decision in the home buying process.

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